Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The difference between an mc an a rapper

When it comes to being a rapper it don't play by me

cuz being an mc is simply fuckin sick like HIV

I got recognition don't need A-I-D's

you best not let me stencil, cuz please

I'll hit you with my mental disease

an write period till the pencil just bleeds

look in the sky cuz im hella fly when I speak

climbing mountain tops when im on my peak

I don't make cents, ain't it confusing great...

im phat, gotta get on track to start losing weight

underground rap like they been stored with a flame

female hip hop heads check me cuz they board in the game

rappers can cry me a river, im bringing mc back

Im not saying im dope, but this is evidently crack

so go ahead brother blast a line, cuz im fast with mine

a new hunger like im past my spine I rhyme with vast design.

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