Wednesday, November 30, 2011

everything happens for a reason

im wheezing while times breezing past this season

thoughts like bullets blast past the seconds im squeezing

sneezing at the fast cast in this life's movie im seizing

all in sight every step has been fright

darkness left when you started to spin right

facing the clock erasing this lock

spacing I mock myself chasing the flock

too infused to thee who are you usually

used to be to confused to see

bruised to flee an then accused the free

amused at three, but then abused the fee

poor the pain drunk all away ignore the flame

the core the main upside down store the shame

the cup is your pride clown along with the floor an rain

snore then tame being awake trying to explore the vein!

talk to another whore abstain screaming your insane

implore the brain for the strain an soar this plain

flow till the shore is wane learning through lore is slain

when fragile life can hurt before the sprain.

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