Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Ever since I was born on Earth, I had a sea curse to simply immerse

my life's worth an raise flow like the moon when I rehearse

your not Mars just a fake god of war looking stupider

ima leave a huge red spot on your face like Jupiter

there ain't no competition whats your proposition?

different like Neptune an Uranus with similar composition

a weak spirit, so fuck what you know

discovered a fake like Pluto

insidiously insinuating insurgency

dum bitches misinterpret what they don't understand verbally

a star?, you ain't seen a Super Nova heat past the 3rd degree

Sun ima make you take all of my heat like Mercury

I see your lead dull the place

ahead full of space

im true spinning around you like the 22 moons of Saturn

simple see your like a simile thinking in a pattern

grammatically im like gravity you can't get past this here

like Venus because mentally I have the densest atmosphere

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