Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I don't know how the fuck we got this routine

in the middle of this scene

positions switch a little when life can lean

I got your back in this riddle like a spleen

even though your 40 an im 17

I take care of the fam when your not keen

I know you got obsessed with the green

later started coming home mean

actin fuckin obscene

building up this screen

how can you be a king when dissin your queen?

being a man? that's not what i've seen

does it bother you? that I make decisions all alone

an I gotta see through life's visions on my own?

you can have all the money you want, but your so poor

because when it comes to me even my friends know more

I know that sometimes you don't get any sleep

an you hustle through the pain when many weep

a person that can say great things when speaks

but we can go on not talking for about 10 weeks

An fucked up how today we fought an got into a debate

like angry dogs staring eye to eye for 15 minutes straight

tearing the family I think we can end up clanless

because of you I got a different view of what a man is

breaking me apart my real feelings are left on the shelf

cuz what really hurts me the most is what you do to yourself...

an though I know some of your mistakes in life you lied through.....

the worst part of it all is that I couldn't hate you if I tried too..............

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