Wednesday, November 30, 2011

sometimes it feels like negativity is all around me

sometimes it feels like negativity is all around me

knocking me out with one pout im getting drowsy

whats this about? I wanna shout lifes getting lousy

yesterday was full of jester play now its all rousy

an people are like hows he...sad acting up restlessly

well sometimes I feel like I was meant to be my own enemy

eventually I highly see my identity is killin my own serenity

fallin in obscenity to my entity I start cussin at my corruption

eruption my mental function destruction trapped in this junction

nightmares of horrified nights glorified plights of adrenaline

crazy, but maybe then again it's a flurry blurry when I spin

venom in verses he spits fits then an rehearses

when mental position reverses I envision these curses

from dum mc's cuz my dental precision incision disperses

mind blind stricken an tickin like a bomb is confind to this promise

that if I quicken way I sicken spray ima be more wanted than saddam was

It's simple I can lyrically become a beast when liven

so physically u can't touch this kid like preist in prison.

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