Wednesday, November 30, 2011

tired of mc's

you know I had to respond lol


im tired of these mc's that have this dependancy

on talking bout usless shit with a cash flow tendancy

with this expectancy they lack the track energy

I ain't fly I mentally soar above with verbal ascendancy

technically you ain't a mc so serving you is the remedy

I'll have your mind swerving to remmember me

because dude im crude colder then december be

at the same time spitting fire call my tongue the ember key

stop trying to top lucipher

your only a phony lookin stupider

actin like your a figure bigger then jupiter

so if you biting like Dracula im flipping you like a spatula

quit talking shit makin like you satan well im waitin

to physically start infiltratin tearin you apart

lyrically bearin through the heart amputatin

and im to clever so I can sever without a dictionary

verbally quick to bury sick an scary like Vick I tare the

competition the common missin no opposition

your act ain't fact just a flop thats dissin

like Pun ima shatter your dream scatter your team

batter your scheme tatter your cream

make your girl twirl chatter then scream

im badder supreme I don't fight fair

im lacin like Jason in your nightmare

words spacin amazin given you a blight flare...

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