Wednesday, November 30, 2011

late night poem.

check it,

since I was born I was bounded with horns

torn knowing roses are surrounded in thorns

truth? all I see is true lies

a virus in these two eyes

each living day who dies?

yearning my learning

is burning im turning

friendship can be a lethal mistake

I just learned that some people is fake

this is dedicated to the one used

to anyone who was ever confused

to the tired anyone who was done bruised

someone still standing to a dark path

acting calmly not choosing to spark wrath

helping out anyone who was ever sad twirled

knowing insanity is sane in this mad world

When it's rainy I never let the thunder avail

feelings hidden like the skin under your nail

looking at people who've admired the dust

I don't know if your tired of trust

watching prophecy take over your self prodigy

ima save you still not caring what you thought of me

because punished good will leads this odyssey

trying to catch shooting lights in the far night

the space in my head is full of past star light

this life's rain drops are a suspending stream

in my head were livings a never ending dream.................


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