Wednesday, November 30, 2011

facebook rap

I wrote a rap not about you so don't get offended not that you do anyways lol.

check it,

welcome to the rap industry where im synonymous

with anonymous your my dog...but im a rhinocerous

ok lets get serious here my words been wiz quote

I'll move you to the right out like your "in this note"

words I bag lethal...

this kid got no guns, but still I tag people!

fast like sonics with ebonics underground demonics

astronomics mc? you comics I don't spit I vomit

no rocks, but a comet voice electronics you got shook like tectonics

you like phonix im like harmonic symphonics fly high with no chronic's

got burned out an I don't even blaze jerk

cuz this right here is all in a days work

a knit wit can get split looking like the red sea

verbally deadly readily steadily infront, but a head see?

combined like a medley taking; but making sure more stand

you've been told spawn I hold on like the mouse in your hand.

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