Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Stare into the page of life as time flys

New words arise, but old rhyme dies

An so it goes the rap the rhythm an the flows

The block the lock what im given is the hoes

,but who knows? What the new has imposed on me?

Honestly what’s a real women supposed to be?

When common vision is just a closed show see

Humans aren’t objects yet disposed to flee

From problems like a foot soldier

Every step you take gets colder

As I get older my life gets closer

to over in this dream of being sober

with comprehensions

no one mentions

the questions

the tensions

Am I really a human? Or is this really a lie?

Is this a fate pursuing? Hope, please give me a try

With all the scuffles I’ve been in liven

In mental prison just stricken to quicken

The right choice looks hot an infernal as well

Will my light voice escape life? It’s eternal as hell

Open your eyes an see as I do

A grounded boy with a sky view

Some love to suffer, while others admired the sweat

,but I realize the smarter I become the more tired I get

An every burst of energy is expired in debt

cuz my worst enemy is time being fired from fret

with no worries life is so easy

so we be

queasy smoking an choking till we really

need help an things began to blacken

with the slacking you see what you really lacking

the understanding of self an mental backing

the time on the track running, but none tracking

dead words gunning when hip hops hearts attacking.

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