Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the cold moon

the cold moon shines upon a bright day

lord you know their ain't no right way

to say my light heart can let the night play

peaceful all the people in fright say

not smart, but good willed

not strong, but hood killed

were did it all go? tell me tell me

were not all slow we wanna be healthy wealthy

im like a voiceless prophet

a choiceless object

my minds silence

is sirens violins an violence

in my defense look at tyrants

all of these aspirants

blowing trees acting high an since

I got no sense an my flow dense

these are the side-effects

my mental side affects

as upcoming tide injects

I hide the facts

in life i've died in acts

cuz pride attacks

an I wanna be worthy

when you have no worth see

you end up looking were hurt be

sea full of fishes looking so murky

so you end up tryin to work the

moments consequence using confidence

trying to be a common prince

when calm in tense

driven decisions given

and what feels like liven in prison

are past bars of life that have arisen

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