Wednesday, November 30, 2011

where'd you go? rap

we made mistakes

me an you need brakes

I'll do whatever it takes

forget these fakes

all of their lakes

people try to drown you

they think your a clown too

people in my life are all far an small

circus? my lifes a fuckin carnival

listen im in a barn an yall!

are on the wrong horse

taking the wrong course

your looking shifty

when your not wit me

you think I didn't miss you?

I do

this is true


I Always wonder should I respond

or never contact you again in life when we bond

where'd you go?

I never loved to miss you so

deep in my head im little baring a boy

an I wish you were here sharing the joy

I don't understand

am I so bland?

when I see you sweat strands in my hand

I know that no ones use to me

and lifes not what it use to be

,but im still here changing like weather

guess the farther were apart the more were together...

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