Wednesday, November 30, 2011

just another rap

check it,

in time when my rhyme is on best

when honest people say "get in a contest!"

well maybe I guess...

,but if I got in that high mess

I'd be seen like a queen wearing a fly dress

don't wanna repeat and get into that "Highness"

give you a sign not nonsense be cautious

verbal vomit rocks like a comet making you nautious

getting burnt on a track like not knowing what Nas is?

Wait! you know Dorthy, but not who the Wizard of Oz is?

Thats like your a Monotheistic person while being godless

like working at company not knowing your bosses

like being a midget, but not seeing colossus

like tying shoes with no crosses

check it I wreck spit

Raps of prominence full of dominance or imminence

When it’s on an since your residence

Or precedence is bombing sense Im acting still calm an tense

Palming dense ignorant attacks you throw out

Verbally you never heard of me I can make you go shout,

Baring a scare, see stuff you’ve never seen

glaring at air, start tearing your hair, body frozen as I sever scene,

bench 210 physical Calamity, IQ to dispatch lyrical insanity

See it’s that so many care I can make a tragic fool cuss

Lyrically go anywhere like the Magic School Bus

locally real vocally feel globally till nobody exists

a human being doing the seeing in shoddy mists

it doesn’t add up maybe im slow to the math,

a biblical individual who never go through the wrath,

maybe cuz im crazy or just wanna show you the path…

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