Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am...

A contradiction

common fiction

while bombing diction

a left song

not knowing whats right like is theft wrong?

in this present im gifted

like lyrically mystically I can tell the truth linguistically

statistically physically been in hell more then the average

logistically optimistically if were talking realistically I can literarily

list this see euphemistically

stuck in this game easy to play though

you are what you wanna be your gonna see what I say so

sometimes in life dealing with problems I feel related in threat

I try to simplify an the more I try the more complicated they get

investigated I sweat

like why have I debated regret?

if the past is past! then forget what I stated an yet...

a little brittle side

stuck in the middle pride

gives me a disposition

to revision

my past decision

,but you know what? forget that inquisition.

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