Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear stranger, This is how my life is on the other side

Dear stranger, This is how my life is on the other side

yesterday I was thinkin bout when my grandmother died

Like what If I could go back in time?

not telling someone you love them is it a crime?

or is it just stuck in in my sublime

because im

starting to wonder if everything happens for a reason

then why do they change so quick this season

is getting cold, im getting old an winter is freezing

yet I refuse to be sick with the coughing an the sneezing

an the crap I deal with daily ain't shit

funny how its my verbal inspiration I paint wit

Sometimes I wonder if I was another artist an not a rapper

Would I be beautifully miserable ill still or any dapper?

I don't know its all in my mind you can't predict

my future a question mark something you can't depict

An dear stranger, dear stranger

In life I only have patience no anger

Im learning what a stranger is

a person that thinks your dangerous

just say your afraid of real life, cuz its real right here

you think if we connect together you might tear?

Its nice how we finally met each other this light-year

but sometimes the light world becomes a night sphere

surrounded by weak people I never see the strong stay

sometimes I feel like im doing right things the wrong way

my days can be crazy an that's what this takes

to be in my life filled with bunches of mistakes

an dear stranger tell me do you know what nice is?

I got no money, but I got your back for life an that's priceless

sometimes I can't hold it, I have to read an speak the flow

funny how this bitch just tried to play me I met a week ago

but me an my hommies know better so frankly I don't care

you can have a million other guys bitch no I won't stare

funny how I could see her soul an her inner core fast

cuz my hommie predicted this shit like the forecast

he said don't get yourself into this trouble your killing me

there's an 80% chance of rain with high humidity

knowing this I went in prepared for the rain willingly

never got hurt cuz of the advice, but still I see life chillingly

Funny how bitches can mistake my kindness for weakness

kicked plenty of asses in my time an you'll get it if you seek this

im a person that can support others an be true too

for that people think they can play me like voodoo

,but when life gets twisted never subdue just pursue through

its just a bit of me stranger, guess we'll never know what you do...

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