Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking 4 fame?

Im lookin 4 fame, but subtract this none sense

it's been on since the regular roof rap renaissances

came to play my mind is a flame I spray

my words like bullets before they I. D. us

in the hood were no 1 good has Ideas

I get head shots thats the way I see cuz

in a world were the vex pray on verbal x-ray

some say the rap underground is just a hex hey

I know it's not so easy like superman can't see me

come on start using lip to fight! forget the chriptonite!

I know some stop with no hop just getting hip tonight

up and down the city streets like bricks

an these dicks shoot to flow game all for kicks

,but they'll get caught with sticks like twix up in the mix

yea my name is Vlad an im one of them tight speakers

ain't spotless, but put my foot down like white sneakers

my crew's not no fight seekers

but make you hold your chest like wife beaters

a trife meters on how hard their willing to work

so their shirt gets dirty when their feeling a jerk

an they see the message is stop dealing to lurk

therefore I spit heavy levy bars like a warden

end the shot square court on the spot like im Jordan!

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