Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Play with fire an your gonna get burnt

Well any fucker can commit an arson

go ahead spit a bar son

watered down like old milk in the Carton

laming, but claiming to be a hip hop parson

I wanna spit real when the game is dissin

you visualize an picture crap, like the frame is missin

go ahead restrict my rap im taken aim just listen

or better yet read between the lines

your probably shootin blanks, im mean with mines

like self rape no condom you mighta just committed with ease

shootin for stars getting a sexually transmitted disease

every quote can span to bare a laugh

every sentence wrote is from a paragraph

but you don't connect the paper like the stapler is gone

lines stolen your souls just a caper with vapor of dawn

gay rhymers, so lets set it straight

before humanistic thought you need to meditate

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