Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's hard to be hip-hop


It's hard to hip hop

when many mc's flip flop

watered down raps everywhere like drip drop

people like you an then they hate through

turning your freestyle into a debate too

thinking im all serious like every word I state true

like the time I said "In the last battle I ate you"

"Vlad your a cannibal!"

no im just a verbal animal

who kills stupid mc's like Hannibal =)

"gangster rappers" talking "bout the cash flow"

getting "grimy" true because their sounding like trash so

im getting sick of the faker the so called money "taker"

talking about "dough" that's not an mc that's a baker

Im getting older now with more responsibility

less time to for my rap ensconce ability

but forget this though im gonna go bless the hater

I need fuel to bring hip-hop back like a respirator

light you up if your "shining" tear you apart with a flame

It might be hard, but fuck signing I rep the art of the game...

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