Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I know it can be hard to be smart (dedicated to the fellas)

I know when its hot it can be hard to be smart

when tearing apart at the heart

like a potion an poison dart is an art

comes commotion in my ocean

with no sign or notion of devotion

cuz some bitches be fishes like snitches

they'll leave you in ditches for riches

depart like there tart part

was to get down an fuck you up from the start!

Where lovin is nothin but bluffin

an shovin the glove in another hoe!

thats what happened to my brother yo

I told him! she wasn't a virgin lover no!

he didn't listen to me, had no cover so

at first she said something like: "fast sex don't play by me"

Next day my man Dick got infected with HIV!

Use protection! lol

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