Wednesday, November 30, 2011

battle rap

punchlines? atleast I got some

everything you kick on the spot dum

only thing fire in your mouth is hot gum

don't cause no static with this charasmatic

addict or you'll be locked in the attic

your pragmatic weak speak is killed by my grammatic

I whistle like a pistol automatic your just a fanatic

talking bout 6-4? lmao wow like can you mix more?

next thing you'll say: "Vlads better,but he sucks! and I own a Knicks store!

lyrically I've got this whole place shook!

my name is Ejong...and I invented facebook!

Listen fellas! Vlad is jealous! cuz my pop rap is zealous!

underground rap? no! isn't that where hell is?"

I do encourage use your imagination, but not no animation

or else my verbal assasination will give you a paper laceration

so while people is mass debatin an your ass is hatin

im writing with a heart storm just for the art form

I don't need spans of fans or a deal just the smart norm

simply you need to step up an quit being all slow

cuz people be looking for your flow like Where's Waldo

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