Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is...

this is for the rapper who's

globally grown

locally blown

socially thrown

nowadays mc's notablly stone

so I portably phone

their calls when I vocally tone

making sure im quotably known

having no mistakes I closely clone

the provably prone

sometimes it's like his dealing is dust

reeling the rust

stealing he must

start healing the just

its all appealing to bust

when he's concealing disgust

grounded, but his only fans on the ceiling robust

wants to start kneeling combust

but he needs to start revealing the trust

all inside rocket writing unveiling a thrust

inner spinner thoughts squealing to gust

all an addiction feeling of lust

it's like im sealing this crust


from thoughts confiscated


on ideas compensated

really im discombobulated

and this is my intent

to organize in an instant

get in a Van go! like Vincent

like i've been sent

for incent

mind leaving spaces like indent

down came the rain an in went

when spent

my mental facility

has omnipotent capability

really we see stoppings an impossibility

keep going

even when I sleep knowing

at night I see the sheep showing

these words leap mowing

they sweep slowing

this crowing

of deep flowing

growing inside me like a poisen IV

even when my minds to cold to call

heart warm words an im not bold at all

I still dash

with this ill rash

I wake

with more letters to make

cursed ones forake

positive is what I gotta give an take

forever lively

publicly or in privacy

I write down a symbol

thats nimble

on an instrumental with a cymbal

B-I-G rhymes the size of a thimble

even when im forgotten

or infect my core rotten

my goal will still be unobtainable

flammable unrestrainable




cuz rapping to me is unexplainable...

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