Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dedicated to hip hop, an the random person you like lmao


whats this expectancy

of you! for life dependency?

its true! an not meant to be...

cuz eventually

I'll go insane mentally!

like I was sent to see

visions of your prisons baby sentence me

to these love bars they show a repentance plea

I'll sacrifice me for you in an emergency event just flee

An I'll save you like memory cuz your my identity

Your my one my sun my life's flow scent of sea

I quit, but now im back 110 percent to thee

Essentially I hope im with you forever potentially

life was like a levy it would stack sequentially

,but now im ready I wanna take it steady when your back

like a fat kid on a couch for you im heavy on this track.....

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