Wednesday, November 30, 2011

in my mind I find

minutes passing with me asking the next move before the clocks collapsing im basking in every second acting like no ones distracting when hacking my mental packing with words slacking I start to part masking feeling inside dealing to bide im fasting im like a fast thing when pressure is blasting everlasting not ending or suspending, but vast bling stuck in dirt tasking work casting baring component I can't change sparing the moment a daring opponent of question tension mention the rap where every breath is dope listening through a stethoscope my mind thinks of to much death to cope with lifes meth of hope stalking you dolls im like Wilson talking to walls material slush rocking he hauls the imperial mush if a random person would talk they'd say in an out played way that swayed day you don't really know no you don't really though life ain't a chick she's a silly hoe clean up the nilly willy show an clearly flow drugs thugs buns mugs ones equals a bitch that tugs tons an bugs funds to prominence continence's dominance is common sense.

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