Wednesday, November 30, 2011

too the common I am not seen usually

enter my head haunting me

look at my soul taunting thee

an some days I just wonder why

you slowly pull me here under I

see you one day remember this feeling

go with two days this ember is dealing

been three days cold December unveiling

im turning so strange now September is stealing

my past here a love just to linger

the future I shove you this ringer

a circle of fakes in this world of swingers

im purple an twirled by these singers

too the common I am not seen usually

an iris the shape of a virus it used to be

my weakness that made me plead humanly

now my strength is reversed truthfully

I had a devotional crutch

to your emotional touch

now selling myself to promotional much

less time with the notional such

many confused an some prone to agree

with this flow im all alone in the sea...

the confused smile so you can laugh son

if home is where the heart is then I don't have one.

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