Wednesday, November 30, 2011


lonlyness is this hommies bliss


cuz phonyness is my only miss


rather stony kiss then solely hiss


in dispair the only thing that is fair

I met this girl although I can't seek her name

she had a silent voice, but could speak with flame

her eyes held thought I couldn't enclose

to me what she brought I wouldn't dispose

sometimes we spoke unhurriedly or strictly quickly

either way she'd stick me to cut myself slickly

I didn't see seduced by her own slow glance

given false dreams an schemes of romance

beautiful candle lit dinners of food savory

holding moon-lit passions full of kisses amazingly

she stole my emotions while I spoke on through

before I woke she said "loves a joke if you only knew"

an reminiscing I can see how she was twisting

she never saw me just lips staging the start

an while I live now our past time is raging apart

she only speaks bars to me now encaging my heart

the first time we met it wasn’t a secret

That I wanted to see her again not saying so is my regret

In my head she tells me to leave her alone don’t preach

She’s only a blink away from me, but I won’t reach

Every now and then again I stare into her eyes

but then I realize that she caused my demise

and I rise too see the truth I bare the locks

for even thinking and writing about hers a paradox

thinking of her in this story I closely close

cuz in the end we suspend only poetry knows...

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