Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happiness in a relationship

It was like a minute ago when both of us were in it an slow

the conversation started when you heard the phone ring

in our talk their was a lot of frontin an blowin

hard to talk when you don't know were somethin is goin

I slowly said with some persistance holding some resistance

alright whatever follow your endeavor ima give you distance

and all of this sense and all of this patience got me in complications

twisted in stations now I don't get it what the fuck are our relations?

frustrations are what I feel a little bit of sympathy

I understand, but you best not give me no misery

I hold my homies up like boulders on my back

an if needed will rep my set like soldiers in Iraq,

but now somehow it's like my shoulders bout to crack

so somebody tell me what the hell is goin on here?

cuz im wounded from fire an a smell full of spawn fear

there have been many soldiers and friends that died in history

all cuz of miscommunication mystery im lookin at empirically

so with all this social pressure ammo tell me am I dam slow?

cuz I swear I could help just tell me where the hell I am bro

like a sculpture frozen in your path tryin to help an I won't scoot

homie listen up closely we both know you know me just don't shoot!

Im gone go ahead and do your own thing behave barred

but I promise you when called upon im comin back from the graveyard.

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