Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The gift...bars

my verbal gift is to shift an lift swift

make it rain like a drift

I flow underground

dirty words pound discovering mud

on the ground covering blood

forget flow im just a hovering flood

fast lyrical blast your just sad though

im back on the attack like a shadow

you'll get slapped like a bad hoe

cut with a pencil

body to stencil

on the go express like transcontinental

my mental can be rough or gentle

full of frantic expression my stuff is dental

but gets me away from manic depression

this ain't no coincidental on the instrumental


I kick dum rhymes

like Duh

your overused like The

people retarded?

we started

hunting punchlines like The Departed

I tool fool for my verbal buzz saw

so listen nerd my word was law

insane raw

dude braces with a chainsaw

detain races leave you in plain awe

like you were godless

novice your odd wiz

I got you twisted like a knob is

two options: light or rob this

either way today your fired like your job is

serving mc's like old dishes

deep like gold fishes

got whole soul like I sold wishes

with one of the top line

I freeze the street like stop sign

feeding thirsty fans like I drop wine

you wanna? flop fine

16 bars? I'll drop 9

expand on mc's numerically

with dexterity

in a brainless hell zone

rhymes connect like a cell phone

fly bars like my mental cell flown

at the end words can all be spoken, but look

open a book

you'll find the queen choking the rook

forget punchlines ima leave you broken with hook

fast when i've been slow

I can get 2D like this window

not given a fuck in a care

im thinking outside leaving you stuck in this square.

Im gonna do something meaningful next time.

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