Wednesday, November 30, 2011

random connection

light hops as the white drops of spilt milk wipe away

save the day be brave okay, I ain''t the type to sway

life can fuck you over amazingly

been dissed, but now im raising the

depths of hell to tell blatantly

satan he can't be fazing me!

im just crazing see? god I hate this curse!

my heart will state whats worse create these words

debate what hurts just to infiltrate some nerds

bleeding this feeling that's needing of healing

feeding the stealing whats breeding? the dealing

reading the ceiling im pleading unveiling

those leading are squealing when speeding is sealing

its a past of frantic obsession will it last? manic depression

or whack panic expression through all the antic aggression

life is just a winter set, im running through like a sprinter sweat

I keep exploring through this internet, the pencil is a splinter yet

Im an American I'll hustle a citizen

my life is baring thin muscle is fidgitin

men as men could never see me again I spin

my words are 3D my friend its easy we bend

choices with the voices of spite like

life has left breath till you find the right mic...

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