Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Sometimes I feel like I don't know what im doing

times passing an my mind's brewing

nothing no inspiration

doubt takes over an I start instigation

like is rap what im supposed to do?


you know deep down im imposed to spew

lyrically the worst raid

tenaciously killing rappers from the first grade

so loco I can switch my verbal mode an go slow

given you screen images like "Upload a photo"

phat mc's can go eat a ho ho so know

my skills gifted like Santa Clause ha ha! no! hoe hoe hoe

my words been fast since! I had a tense past, but thats past tense

an if you don't know then know im really the

crude dude with verbal paraphernalia

not an Earhart, but got air heart flyer then Amelia!

(that last line is dedicated to Aviation students out their lol)
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