Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It starts

It starts...

it starts with a breath you steal

with the second you take

the way you make me feel

and then I wake

and when I wake I see you again

this cycle

this cycle starts to spin

next time I see you I say a word or two

start a conversation like "hey I heard of you"

a pause...

applause for the act we committed

now were talking look the minutes splitted

the minutes add to hours an time passes

yet your image bashes time slower then molasses

well I don't know whats next?

here's my number here's a text

how are you? how are we?

how is everybody?

how is life?

how are friends?

whats your strife?

the conversation never ends

my compensation never suspends

another boy comes in another mime clashes

your eye lashes

how am I supposed to react?

he don't exist! woah no oh no I don't see fact

next thing you say is my feelings be act

the boy? well I suppose im not gonna expose

however we hold a secret rivalry that you enclose

at school when you pass by the hall way

im thinking of you all day

you see what you did?

you see what you skid to this kid?

to rid myself of this lid

what do I bid? with feelings I’ve hid?

thoughts of you I store mass

look at all the time I just spent on your ass

this is what you get

without a sweat

your in debt

in everything I just bet

im losing myself to love songs I hear in regret

however what goes around comes around

and eventually the past numbs the sound

I go on as I see other lit hearts

I feel safe, but then again It starts...

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