Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I wrote this to let her know

I know she was like you better go

But, I wrote this to let her know

Your boy isn’t a dope mess im better though

So with my little story here we go

Listen chick my door’s open on any rainy day

Still standing here watching as the vainly play

Im still here girl were have you been B?

Im like “Wendy come on in it’s windy!”

She’s like: “Timmy!

a break can you give me!

stop tying me down I just wanna live free!”

I’m like “name what you want ima give it to you no bluffin”

She’s like “you don’t understand I don’t want nothin”

And you should know im still here as I readily wait

But time builds and not knowing I started to steadily hate

Now time’s passing frustration leads to no action

Suicide? do I really just want her for satisfaction?

Now this might make you laugh

Someone once said “we all want something we can’t have”

Well listen dear I don’t know if you know what hope is

But if I can’t have her well guess then im hopeless

I ain’t addicted or restricted; do you know what dope is?

Im not just a kid getting high or trying to smoke wiz

But a Pepsi addict who’s simply Coke less

Less difference in taste now wow she broke this

Guess during this time I know what brakes is

Like how could you brake this?

Recognizing I submitted I let her power pass

So now she’s just flipping around like an hour glass

And I could talk about this person forever yet,

You’d never guess this is dedicated to every female I’ve ever met……..

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