Wednesday, November 30, 2011

somdays I feel

he said somedays I feel I wanna quit

stuck in this fit like I don't exist

people don't acknowledge life's twist

an some how im stuck in the midst

should I split, an get out of this mist?

I want you to know that im doing my best

life feels incomplete, but im pursuing the rest

sometimes I get tired of flaring in this hell

so I end up thinking of you staring at the cell

imagine you an hearing your voice

now what I see disappearing is choice

I wanna let you know that im not waiting for you

Im getting tired this time there's no debating to do

Hopefully you'll see everything im stating is true

an you'll run away too never berating this clue

im tired of fakes so ima be real on my own

an when your not there I feel all alone

the whole time I was here I gave you a chance actually

since we first split I wanted you to come back to me

but now I just got a heart full of impotence

cut by innocence I never saw this ignorance

an some of the days that I live are scary an gray

the good an the bad mushes they vary an sway

if life is a game then we all play bluffing

the people I talk to just say nothing

this is a world where you need to be clear at the core

so by the time you read this letter I won't be here anymore...

Where'd you go? I missed you so, seems like its been forever since you've been gone.

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