Wednesday, November 30, 2011

mad rap

causing mass confusion! with laws of ass diffusion, showing those blowing are flash trash illusion!

im unpredictable like astrology with psychology so solar bipolar you'll get fucked up like the economy!

your hommies the definition of repetition my rep is pissing on watered down raps with technician precision

regularly you'll never get better than me I can sever mc's like infinity forever you see no matter whatever your plea

your guilty im electrocuting any neck disputing trying to wreck just muting real hip hop I check computing

an intestinal that's electrical when I rap my mouth spark, your bitch hype the trailer type so I made her South Park!

compared to me your retarded literally! lyrically simplistically deformed linguistically physically!

you can't spark when I cut the cord umbilically mystically statistically satirically fatalistically

choking now don't miss a breath bitch this is the kiss of death my bliss like Seth alphabetically coming second the diss is beth

you've jaunted an taunted, but rapping is not what you wanted cuz i've haunted an daunted trapping what you flaunted

no don't flow there's no time to lace crook, i've got the ace hook an place shook, locking your race look! photographically enslaved to the system like facebook

you've heard stupid shit well this is your detox with these punchlines of lucid spit as we box, I keep it grounded where founded like Reebok's.

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