Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I swear I get better everytime I write (finished)

Check it,

these brain cells have risen to prison my intelligence

filled with bars of imminence locking up negligence

this verbal evidence that I have seven senses

yet can't get eleven cents from consensus

sentiments of irrelevance giving expenses

dead presidents bringing hesitance simply senseless

started rapping in hell been in heaven since this

pen hits the pad again it’s the lad

asking are you fuckers human?

Hey you men! The fuck you doin!?

Our whole kind wants to screw then

traps the youth an the truth in disguise?

Proving the lies

doing nothing just moving your eyes

Do you have a life to live!?

Or another knife to give!?

Half the shit you do is to spin pride

Half your "friends" laugh on the inside

Life’s a Fertile Crescent salvage the thin tide

everyday is new, yesterdays has been died

some of you fuckers hallucinate

except no one knows cuz you can't communicate

everyone thinks your nice yet you truly hate

an to the bitches that wanna talk to me wait

acting shiest yet you ain't half as nice

claiming rewards with no dam sacrifice!

take look in the fucking mirror

an maybe your soul will be clearer

I am another follower that no one mentions

with slow answers, but at least I flow questions

trapped spirits make our new universe ancient

free minds open you to mental enslavement

action with no distraction gives you arraignment

an maybe one night you'll fight an escape the pavement.

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