Wednesday, November 30, 2011

battle rap lyrics

you spit mass flaw,

didn't wanna hurt your glass jaw,

but your too new im the def of Veteran

I just had to show you whats better an

be a steady great punchline heavy weight stop featherin

lets pause let you take some Excedrin...

lol axe in the head? with those last verses I could defeat you headless

cuz we both know I won before you read this

bread? you stack an lose like your playin tetris

sorry dog I had to show you what a real vet is

you better spit witty an gritty to the concrete

you better be greatest an latest or never spawn feat

I honesly like the honesty I want us to start a movement

so im attackin your dome to give us some home improvement

some people is lethal using rap to snap an devour the hood

with your new gift you better lift an use your power for good

some whack mc's love to frighten an spray

try freestyling infront of a crowd to enlighten a day.

an you better be lyrical for I eat you like cereal.

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