Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The difference between an mc an a rapper

When it comes to being a rapper it don't play by me

cuz being an mc is simply fuckin sick like HIV

I got recognition don't need A-I-D's

you best not let me stencil, cuz please

I'll hit you with my mental disease

an write period till the pencil just bleeds

look in the sky cuz im hella fly when I speak

climbing mountain tops when im on my peak

I don't make cents, ain't it confusing great...

im phat, gotta get on track to start losing weight

underground rap like they been stored with a flame

female hip hop heads check me cuz they board in the game

rappers can cry me a river, im bringing mc back

Im not saying im dope, but this is evidently crack

so go ahead brother blast a line, cuz im fast with mine

a new hunger like im past my spine I rhyme with vast design.

everything happens for a reason

im wheezing while times breezing past this season

thoughts like bullets blast past the seconds im squeezing

sneezing at the fast cast in this life's movie im seizing

all in sight every step has been fright

darkness left when you started to spin right

facing the clock erasing this lock

spacing I mock myself chasing the flock

too infused to thee who are you usually

used to be to confused to see

bruised to flee an then accused the free

amused at three, but then abused the fee

poor the pain drunk all away ignore the flame

the core the main upside down store the shame

the cup is your pride clown along with the floor an rain

snore then tame being awake trying to explore the vein!

talk to another whore abstain screaming your insane

implore the brain for the strain an soar this plain

flow till the shore is wane learning through lore is slain

when fragile life can hurt before the sprain.


Ever since I was born on Earth, I had a sea curse to simply immerse

my life's worth an raise flow like the moon when I rehearse

your not Mars just a fake god of war looking stupider

ima leave a huge red spot on your face like Jupiter

there ain't no competition whats your proposition?

different like Neptune an Uranus with similar composition

a weak spirit, so fuck what you know

discovered a fake like Pluto

insidiously insinuating insurgency

dum bitches misinterpret what they don't understand verbally

a star?, you ain't seen a Super Nova heat past the 3rd degree

Sun ima make you take all of my heat like Mercury

I see your lead dull the place

ahead full of space

im true spinning around you like the 22 moons of Saturn

simple see your like a simile thinking in a pattern

grammatically im like gravity you can't get past this here

like Venus because mentally I have the densest atmosphere

Play with fire an your gonna get burnt

Well any fucker can commit an arson

go ahead spit a bar son

watered down like old milk in the Carton

laming, but claiming to be a hip hop parson

I wanna spit real when the game is dissin

you visualize an picture crap, like the frame is missin

go ahead restrict my rap im taken aim just listen

or better yet read between the lines

your probably shootin blanks, im mean with mines

like self rape no condom you mighta just committed with ease

shootin for stars getting a sexually transmitted disease

every quote can span to bare a laugh

every sentence wrote is from a paragraph

but you don't connect the paper like the stapler is gone

lines stolen your souls just a caper with vapor of dawn

gay rhymers, so lets set it straight

before humanistic thought you need to meditate

in my mind I find

minutes passing with me asking the next move before the clocks collapsing im basking in every second acting like no ones distracting when hacking my mental packing with words slacking I start to part masking feeling inside dealing to bide im fasting im like a fast thing when pressure is blasting everlasting not ending or suspending, but vast bling stuck in dirt tasking work casting baring component I can't change sparing the moment a daring opponent of question tension mention the rap where every breath is dope listening through a stethoscope my mind thinks of to much death to cope with lifes meth of hope stalking you dolls im like Wilson talking to walls material slush rocking he hauls the imperial mush if a random person would talk they'd say in an out played way that swayed day you don't really know no you don't really though life ain't a chick she's a silly hoe clean up the nilly willy show an clearly flow drugs thugs buns mugs ones equals a bitch that tugs tons an bugs funds to prominence continence's dominance is common sense.


the fuck are you reading?

eyes speeding

2 confused cross words

my flow is just swaying

I don't even know what im saying

an angels heart

will span to strangle start

but the angles smart

while some play fight

others acknowledge the day light

your boy left the words yet he may write

pass the comprehension

the past the common tension

freezing time because hes really the one stalking warps

easing rhyme to R.I.P for the verbal walking corpse.

I swear I get better everytime I write (finished)

Check it,

these brain cells have risen to prison my intelligence

filled with bars of imminence locking up negligence

this verbal evidence that I have seven senses

yet can't get eleven cents from consensus

sentiments of irrelevance giving expenses

dead presidents bringing hesitance simply senseless

started rapping in hell been in heaven since this

pen hits the pad again it’s the lad

asking are you fuckers human?

Hey you men! The fuck you doin!?

Our whole kind wants to screw then

traps the youth an the truth in disguise?

Proving the lies

doing nothing just moving your eyes

Do you have a life to live!?

Or another knife to give!?

Half the shit you do is to spin pride

Half your "friends" laugh on the inside

Life’s a Fertile Crescent salvage the thin tide

everyday is new, yesterdays has been died

some of you fuckers hallucinate

except no one knows cuz you can't communicate

everyone thinks your nice yet you truly hate

an to the bitches that wanna talk to me wait

acting shiest yet you ain't half as nice

claiming rewards with no dam sacrifice!

take look in the fucking mirror

an maybe your soul will be clearer

I am another follower that no one mentions

with slow answers, but at least I flow questions

trapped spirits make our new universe ancient

free minds open you to mental enslavement

action with no distraction gives you arraignment

an maybe one night you'll fight an escape the pavement.

too the common I am not seen usually

enter my head haunting me

look at my soul taunting thee

an some days I just wonder why

you slowly pull me here under I

see you one day remember this feeling

go with two days this ember is dealing

been three days cold December unveiling

im turning so strange now September is stealing

my past here a love just to linger

the future I shove you this ringer

a circle of fakes in this world of swingers

im purple an twirled by these singers

too the common I am not seen usually

an iris the shape of a virus it used to be

my weakness that made me plead humanly

now my strength is reversed truthfully

I had a devotional crutch

to your emotional touch

now selling myself to promotional much

less time with the notional such

many confused an some prone to agree

with this flow im all alone in the sea...

the confused smile so you can laugh son

if home is where the heart is then I don't have one.


There are two worlds in everyone. One on the inside an one on the out. The world on the inside effects the one on the out an vice versa. However, the world on the outside is dedicated to everyone an the world on the inside is yours. We live in both worlds, but if you want to "create" or "manifest" things to the one outside you must associate yourself with them an surround yourself in them. Why do people want to get Oscars?, get millions of dollars? buy expensive cars? live in big houses? get hot girls etc, etc? Often times these material items (females included! Just kidding I love women : )) won't give you what you really want. Because what we really want are the feelings that go along with them. All you have to do is close your eyes an give yourself these feelings now. Some of you may say yourself: "wait a minute, wait a minute it can't be that simple". Feel good now an those things will come to you later. Worrying doesn't get you anywhere, it just gives you something to do. (something very useless) People want to feel like "winners", however that is a paradigm along with failure. Being a winner or a loser doesn't exist. Everything in your life is simply a learning experience, one which you can influence based on choice and experience. What you need is courage. How do you get it? Well its not something you can buy or rent, or wish for, courage is a decision. Some people say you should face your problems, I say instead of that you should dive right into them. I know it sounds hard, but with courage, after you make the first dive into this "pool" it will get easier just like a real pool of cold water. With this in mind you should be able to conquer anything and everything in life.

"Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing" - Sean Stephenson

Next what I do is take this and make it all rhyme lol

My favorite songs (I just composed a short list of about 30)

If you haven't heard any of these songs then just go on youtube type in the artist an song name or copy an paste them I don't care, all I know is these songs are THE BEST.

1) Common-Come Close
2) Musiq Soulchild-Just Friends
3) Hurt-Danse Russe
4) Eminem-Love You More
5) Justin Timberlake and T.I-Dead an Gone
6) Sting-Shape of my Heart
7) Immortal Technique-You Never Know
8) Tonedeff-Porcelain
9) Tech N9ne-Welcome to the Midwest
10) Big Pun-It’s So Hard
11) Common-Misunderstood
12) LL Cool J- I Need Love
13) Fort Minor- Do What We Did
14) Hurt-Danse Russe
15) Flypside-Happy Birthday
16) Robin Thicke-Lost Without You
17) The Pharacyde-Runnin’
18) Classified-All About You
19) Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars
20) Seal-Kissed By a Rose
21) The Cranberries-Linger
22) Talib Kweli- Lonely People
23) Tupac-Do For Love
24) The Used- Bird and Worm
25) Nickleback-Savin Me
26) Weezer- On an Island In the Sun
27) Jedi Mind Tricks- Razor Blade Salvation
28) Enrique Iglesias-Escape
29) PackFM-Plucking Daises
30) Eamon-Fuck It
31) MC Yogi-Be The Change
32) Elvis Presly-Falling in love with You
33) The Offspring - Why don't you get A Job
34) Aesop Rock - Oxygen

What are yours?

A non-rhyming poem as requested...

poison to the heart

one reason to doubt

this insecurity in you creates me

this picture perfect broken portrait

the testing ground against yourself

when you really don't know who you are

a crack appears in who your trying to be

an egotistical earthquake in the soul

its not going to stop until you see the mirror!

when people aren't actually viewed as humans

this growing greed of false fulfillment

a prevalent trait in a diminutive cause

the never ending pursuit of external reputation

passes, stops an freezes like fish in the sea

the non-conforming conformist

I like to call Jealousy...

random connection

light hops as the white drops of spilt milk wipe away

save the day be brave okay, I ain''t the type to sway

life can fuck you over amazingly

been dissed, but now im raising the

depths of hell to tell blatantly

satan he can't be fazing me!

im just crazing see? god I hate this curse!

my heart will state whats worse create these words

debate what hurts just to infiltrate some nerds

bleeding this feeling that's needing of healing

feeding the stealing whats breeding? the dealing

reading the ceiling im pleading unveiling

those leading are squealing when speeding is sealing

its a past of frantic obsession will it last? manic depression

or whack panic expression through all the antic aggression

life is just a winter set, im running through like a sprinter sweat

I keep exploring through this internet, the pencil is a splinter yet

Im an American I'll hustle a citizen

my life is baring thin muscle is fidgitin

men as men could never see me again I spin

my words are 3D my friend its easy we bend

choices with the voices of spite like

life has left breath till you find the right mic...

somdays I feel

he said somedays I feel I wanna quit

stuck in this fit like I don't exist

people don't acknowledge life's twist

an some how im stuck in the midst

should I split, an get out of this mist?

I want you to know that im doing my best

life feels incomplete, but im pursuing the rest

sometimes I get tired of flaring in this hell

so I end up thinking of you staring at the cell

imagine you an hearing your voice

now what I see disappearing is choice

I wanna let you know that im not waiting for you

Im getting tired this time there's no debating to do

Hopefully you'll see everything im stating is true

an you'll run away too never berating this clue

im tired of fakes so ima be real on my own

an when your not there I feel all alone

the whole time I was here I gave you a chance actually

since we first split I wanted you to come back to me

but now I just got a heart full of impotence

cut by innocence I never saw this ignorance

an some of the days that I live are scary an gray

the good an the bad mushes they vary an sway

if life is a game then we all play bluffing

the people I talk to just say nothing

this is a world where you need to be clear at the core

so by the time you read this letter I won't be here anymore...

Where'd you go? I missed you so, seems like its been forever since you've been gone.

His hands might be

bloody an bruised

muddy an used

stuck in the study confused

dealing cards not for rewards or respect

but connection simply to see cords to detect

stuck in this math game of difference

an odd one out is there any significance?

with eyes full of hearts he should win

calling more to the hand he could spin

some threw spades later so he would sin

surrounded by bluffing faces he'll rearrange lines

an change signs

diamonds can cut up these strange twines

an derange swines

not even looking at clubs that make feign

he'll take gain

to break strain

in this dream world trying to wake pain...

mad rap

causing mass confusion! with laws of ass diffusion, showing those blowing are flash trash illusion!

im unpredictable like astrology with psychology so solar bipolar you'll get fucked up like the economy!

your hommies the definition of repetition my rep is pissing on watered down raps with technician precision

regularly you'll never get better than me I can sever mc's like infinity forever you see no matter whatever your plea

your guilty im electrocuting any neck disputing trying to wreck just muting real hip hop I check computing

an intestinal that's electrical when I rap my mouth spark, your bitch hype the trailer type so I made her South Park!

compared to me your retarded literally! lyrically simplistically deformed linguistically physically!

you can't spark when I cut the cord umbilically mystically statistically satirically fatalistically

choking now don't miss a breath bitch this is the kiss of death my bliss like Seth alphabetically coming second the diss is beth

you've jaunted an taunted, but rapping is not what you wanted cuz i've haunted an daunted trapping what you flaunted

no don't flow there's no time to lace crook, i've got the ace hook an place shook, locking your race look! photographically enslaved to the system like facebook

you've heard stupid shit well this is your detox with these punchlines of lucid spit as we box, I keep it grounded where founded like Reebok's.

whats a rose if its not put to use?

we started at the very bottom

me an you met through autumn

all the traits you want in a man I got them

the growing in this watered down life can you spot stem?

Please me an you lets stop this abuse

for whats a rose if its not put to use?

I know,

our relationship can get thorny

we can be corny

since we were born free

we were plainly torn see

Whats a rose if its not put to use?

your lying if you say you got nothing to lose

Im getting stronger from nothing with this silt attach

I know you don't know with all the guilt to match

stuck in dirt cuz what we got was built from scratch

I wanna fly away with this feather heres my quilt to catch

cuz whats a rose if its not put to use?

like you, im impatient too, but you can't choose

with your views im not waiting for the news

lets not peruse my muse I don't wanna confuse

but lady I refuse to be obtuse so excuse

for whats a rose if its not put to use!?

I don't know how the fuck we got this routine

in the middle of this scene

positions switch a little when life can lean

I got your back in this riddle like a spleen

even though your 40 an im 17

I take care of the fam when your not keen

I know you got obsessed with the green

later started coming home mean

actin fuckin obscene

building up this screen

how can you be a king when dissin your queen?

being a man? that's not what i've seen

does it bother you? that I make decisions all alone

an I gotta see through life's visions on my own?

you can have all the money you want, but your so poor

because when it comes to me even my friends know more

I know that sometimes you don't get any sleep

an you hustle through the pain when many weep

a person that can say great things when speaks

but we can go on not talking for about 10 weeks

An fucked up how today we fought an got into a debate

like angry dogs staring eye to eye for 15 minutes straight

tearing the family I think we can end up clanless

because of you I got a different view of what a man is

breaking me apart my real feelings are left on the shelf

cuz what really hurts me the most is what you do to yourself...

an though I know some of your mistakes in life you lied through.....

the worst part of it all is that I couldn't hate you if I tried too..............

Dear stranger, This is how my life is on the other side

Dear stranger, This is how my life is on the other side

yesterday I was thinkin bout when my grandmother died

Like what If I could go back in time?

not telling someone you love them is it a crime?

or is it just stuck in in my sublime

because im

starting to wonder if everything happens for a reason

then why do they change so quick this season

is getting cold, im getting old an winter is freezing

yet I refuse to be sick with the coughing an the sneezing

an the crap I deal with daily ain't shit

funny how its my verbal inspiration I paint wit

Sometimes I wonder if I was another artist an not a rapper

Would I be beautifully miserable ill still or any dapper?

I don't know its all in my mind you can't predict

my future a question mark something you can't depict

An dear stranger, dear stranger

In life I only have patience no anger

Im learning what a stranger is

a person that thinks your dangerous

just say your afraid of real life, cuz its real right here

you think if we connect together you might tear?

Its nice how we finally met each other this light-year

but sometimes the light world becomes a night sphere

surrounded by weak people I never see the strong stay

sometimes I feel like im doing right things the wrong way

my days can be crazy an that's what this takes

to be in my life filled with bunches of mistakes

an dear stranger tell me do you know what nice is?

I got no money, but I got your back for life an that's priceless

sometimes I can't hold it, I have to read an speak the flow

funny how this bitch just tried to play me I met a week ago

but me an my hommies know better so frankly I don't care

you can have a million other guys bitch no I won't stare

funny how I could see her soul an her inner core fast

cuz my hommie predicted this shit like the forecast

he said don't get yourself into this trouble your killing me

there's an 80% chance of rain with high humidity

knowing this I went in prepared for the rain willingly

never got hurt cuz of the advice, but still I see life chillingly

Funny how bitches can mistake my kindness for weakness

kicked plenty of asses in my time an you'll get it if you seek this

im a person that can support others an be true too

for that people think they can play me like voodoo

,but when life gets twisted never subdue just pursue through

its just a bit of me stranger, guess we'll never know what you do...


Stare into the page of life as time flys

New words arise, but old rhyme dies

An so it goes the rap the rhythm an the flows

The block the lock what im given is the hoes

,but who knows? What the new has imposed on me?

Honestly what’s a real women supposed to be?

When common vision is just a closed show see

Humans aren’t objects yet disposed to flee

From problems like a foot soldier

Every step you take gets colder

As I get older my life gets closer

to over in this dream of being sober

with comprehensions

no one mentions

the questions

the tensions

Am I really a human? Or is this really a lie?

Is this a fate pursuing? Hope, please give me a try

With all the scuffles I’ve been in liven

In mental prison just stricken to quicken

The right choice looks hot an infernal as well

Will my light voice escape life? It’s eternal as hell

Open your eyes an see as I do

A grounded boy with a sky view

Some love to suffer, while others admired the sweat

,but I realize the smarter I become the more tired I get

An every burst of energy is expired in debt

cuz my worst enemy is time being fired from fret

with no worries life is so easy

so we be

queasy smoking an choking till we really

need help an things began to blacken

with the slacking you see what you really lacking

the understanding of self an mental backing

the time on the track running, but none tracking

dead words gunning when hip hops hearts attacking.

Merry go round

Baby quit the fighting an fussin im sick of your spite an the cussin ok your right can the busting

please stop? lets suspend this eruption You were right! Happy? End of discussion tonight

I miss the touchin the light an lovin the huggin an kissin

Now you diss since insisting that shoving an shrugging persisting

Resisting the wishing well just giving hell you wanna keep on living till

We splice? Okay ima be nice no way can you see ice ima leave thee vice

We can make up, but it’s scary this bound

of sadness in life like a merry go round.

I know it can be hard to be smart (dedicated to the fellas)

I know when its hot it can be hard to be smart

when tearing apart at the heart

like a potion an poison dart is an art

comes commotion in my ocean

with no sign or notion of devotion

cuz some bitches be fishes like snitches

they'll leave you in ditches for riches

depart like there tart part

was to get down an fuck you up from the start!

Where lovin is nothin but bluffin

an shovin the glove in another hoe!

thats what happened to my brother yo

I told him! she wasn't a virgin lover no!

he didn't listen to me, had no cover so

at first she said something like: "fast sex don't play by me"

Next day my man Dick got infected with HIV!

Use protection! lol

Dedicated to hip hop, an the random person you like lmao


whats this expectancy

of you! for life dependency?

its true! an not meant to be...

cuz eventually

I'll go insane mentally!

like I was sent to see

visions of your prisons baby sentence me

to these love bars they show a repentance plea

I'll sacrifice me for you in an emergency event just flee

An I'll save you like memory cuz your my identity

Your my one my sun my life's flow scent of sea

I quit, but now im back 110 percent to thee

Essentially I hope im with you forever potentially

life was like a levy it would stack sequentially

,but now im ready I wanna take it steady when your back

like a fat kid on a couch for you im heavy on this track.....

It's hard to be hip-hop


It's hard to hip hop

when many mc's flip flop

watered down raps everywhere like drip drop

people like you an then they hate through

turning your freestyle into a debate too

thinking im all serious like every word I state true

like the time I said "In the last battle I ate you"

"Vlad your a cannibal!"

no im just a verbal animal

who kills stupid mc's like Hannibal =)

"gangster rappers" talking "bout the cash flow"

getting "grimy" true because their sounding like trash so

im getting sick of the faker the so called money "taker"

talking about "dough" that's not an mc that's a baker

Im getting older now with more responsibility

less time to for my rap ensconce ability

but forget this though im gonna go bless the hater

I need fuel to bring hip-hop back like a respirator

light you up if your "shining" tear you apart with a flame

It might be hard, but fuck signing I rep the art of the game...

late night poem.

check it,

since I was born I was bounded with horns

torn knowing roses are surrounded in thorns

truth? all I see is true lies

a virus in these two eyes

each living day who dies?

yearning my learning

is burning im turning

friendship can be a lethal mistake

I just learned that some people is fake

this is dedicated to the one used

to anyone who was ever confused

to the tired anyone who was done bruised

someone still standing to a dark path

acting calmly not choosing to spark wrath

helping out anyone who was ever sad twirled

knowing insanity is sane in this mad world

When it's rainy I never let the thunder avail

feelings hidden like the skin under your nail

looking at people who've admired the dust

I don't know if your tired of trust

watching prophecy take over your self prodigy

ima save you still not caring what you thought of me

because punished good will leads this odyssey

trying to catch shooting lights in the far night

the space in my head is full of past star light

this life's rain drops are a suspending stream

in my head were livings a never ending dream.................


Scared Heart

He trys to run fast away from her image

her piercing eyes stealing his soul

knowing to her this game's just a scrimmage

so inside she's eating him whole

growing these feelings of needing and wanting

he hates them he wants them to stop

showing his weakness her image is haunting

you don't know she could be a flop!

No I don't need you don't want you at all now

burning me down with your flame

No I won't listen im deaf an alone how...

the hell can we be so the same!?

leave me to drag and fight in the distance

I'd rather just suffer at last

your still in my head whats with this persistence?

my heart is just stuck in the past...

sometimes it feels like negativity is all around me

sometimes it feels like negativity is all around me

knocking me out with one pout im getting drowsy

whats this about? I wanna shout lifes getting lousy

yesterday was full of jester play now its all rousy

an people are like hows he...sad acting up restlessly

well sometimes I feel like I was meant to be my own enemy

eventually I highly see my identity is killin my own serenity

fallin in obscenity to my entity I start cussin at my corruption

eruption my mental function destruction trapped in this junction

nightmares of horrified nights glorified plights of adrenaline

crazy, but maybe then again it's a flurry blurry when I spin

venom in verses he spits fits then an rehearses

when mental position reverses I envision these curses

from dum mc's cuz my dental precision incision disperses

mind blind stricken an tickin like a bomb is confind to this promise

that if I quicken way I sicken spray ima be more wanted than saddam was

It's simple I can lyrically become a beast when liven

so physically u can't touch this kid like preist in prison.


lonlyness is this hommies bliss


cuz phonyness is my only miss


rather stony kiss then solely hiss


in dispair the only thing that is fair

I met this girl although I can't seek her name

she had a silent voice, but could speak with flame

her eyes held thought I couldn't enclose

to me what she brought I wouldn't dispose

sometimes we spoke unhurriedly or strictly quickly

either way she'd stick me to cut myself slickly

I didn't see seduced by her own slow glance

given false dreams an schemes of romance

beautiful candle lit dinners of food savory

holding moon-lit passions full of kisses amazingly

she stole my emotions while I spoke on through

before I woke she said "loves a joke if you only knew"

an reminiscing I can see how she was twisting

she never saw me just lips staging the start

an while I live now our past time is raging apart

she only speaks bars to me now encaging my heart

the first time we met it wasn’t a secret

That I wanted to see her again not saying so is my regret

In my head she tells me to leave her alone don’t preach

She’s only a blink away from me, but I won’t reach

Every now and then again I stare into her eyes

but then I realize that she caused my demise

and I rise too see the truth I bare the locks

for even thinking and writing about hers a paradox

thinking of her in this story I closely close

cuz in the end we suspend only poetry knows...

the cold moon

the cold moon shines upon a bright day

lord you know their ain't no right way

to say my light heart can let the night play

peaceful all the people in fright say

not smart, but good willed

not strong, but hood killed

were did it all go? tell me tell me

were not all slow we wanna be healthy wealthy

im like a voiceless prophet

a choiceless object

my minds silence

is sirens violins an violence

in my defense look at tyrants

all of these aspirants

blowing trees acting high an since

I got no sense an my flow dense

these are the side-effects

my mental side affects

as upcoming tide injects

I hide the facts

in life i've died in acts

cuz pride attacks

an I wanna be worthy

when you have no worth see

you end up looking were hurt be

sea full of fishes looking so murky

so you end up tryin to work the

moments consequence using confidence

trying to be a common prince

when calm in tense

driven decisions given

and what feels like liven in prison

are past bars of life that have arisen

I've held my heart...

I’ve held my heart and now it’s in your hands

My broken wings can’t fly anymore

Right from the start I soar for more lands

But with you my journey has reached the shore

I’m just shadow you see in the mirror

Just a reflection you won’t care to explore

Now I don’t see you and I fear were

Getting closer though were both not sure

To me you can be nothing, but distraction

The satisfaction of an existing counterpart

I lock you out as an internal action

To make sure you don’t crush my heart

For many days

I explored the thought of you in many ways

However together for better if ever we last

I fear that you near will sever my past

All those expressions powered by my imagination

Might be proven devoured by exaggeration


Since for you so much I care for

I will keep myself distracted and bare chore

Truthfully I hold an image of you beautifully

I would never reach you and risk tearing it brutally

Everyday I make you more than you use to be

However, I tell myself I do this clueless

I think about you when I feel tired usually

Writing you inside these walls showing you to others uselessly

Your inner flow cools me when angry I can defeat steam

Hopefully one day I can catch you and we will meet in dream

Sadly though I can only think of you solely at home

For in the end I make you out to be only a poem…

I wonder if you know what I mean...

check it,

It all starts with sentences

do you know what a sentence is?

its what gets me away from repentances

my minds bent on lids

these thoughts are sent on kids

and I wonder if you know what I mean...

what I mean?

down on Earth up in this fly scene

the high teen

but I don't wanna get my green

like why lean?

when im happy on pie clean

closest I'll get to thy screen

so im hot...but I play soaking

don't smoke...but I sway smoking

this is the way I weigh choking

And I wonder if you know what I mean...

what I mean?

It all starts with the prisonless

prisoners don't know what prison is

sentenced to core climbing

with a life sentence for timing

confind to mind as I explore rhyming

the galaxy grammatically

my world galactically

dramatically and erratically

a man once told me its just sad to live

I realized he was just to mad to give

a wise man replied "word? adjective"

an the meaning to lifes just a meaning

convening that were all dreaming

its seeming that were scheming

for beaming things an rings that are gleaming

deeming were seeming for redeeming...

And I wonder if you know what I mean...

what I mean?

more battle rap...

since day one my style has been locks

wihle your a square rapping for the "inbox"

Im original with every syllable you spin stocks

lose the hating cuz your hallucinating

im the verbal zeus when stating

rhymes mocking your chivalry

with shocking delivery

rocking too livery

blocking through lyrically

flocking you mystically

causing a symphony

applauding you cynically

with a bound harmonic

this pound for pound endergonic

you sound drowned im a monic

see I see why you reply

beat me? try!

Bee I dancing circles round this sqaure like thee Ali guy

simply you don't deserve me cuz I spit the cancer plaque

try to twist an fist diss this, but I won't even answer back.

battle rap

punchlines? atleast I got some

everything you kick on the spot dum

only thing fire in your mouth is hot gum

don't cause no static with this charasmatic

addict or you'll be locked in the attic

your pragmatic weak speak is killed by my grammatic

I whistle like a pistol automatic your just a fanatic

talking bout 6-4? lmao wow like can you mix more?

next thing you'll say: "Vlads better,but he sucks! and I own a Knicks store!

lyrically I've got this whole place shook!

my name is Ejong...and I invented facebook!

Listen fellas! Vlad is jealous! cuz my pop rap is zealous!

underground rap? no! isn't that where hell is?"

I do encourage use your imagination, but not no animation

or else my verbal assasination will give you a paper laceration

so while people is mass debatin an your ass is hatin

im writing with a heart storm just for the art form

I don't need spans of fans or a deal just the smart norm

simply you need to step up an quit being all slow

cuz people be looking for your flow like Where's Waldo

battle rap lyrics

you spit mass flaw,

didn't wanna hurt your glass jaw,

but your too new im the def of Veteran

I just had to show you whats better an

be a steady great punchline heavy weight stop featherin

lets pause let you take some Excedrin...

lol axe in the head? with those last verses I could defeat you headless

cuz we both know I won before you read this

bread? you stack an lose like your playin tetris

sorry dog I had to show you what a real vet is

you better spit witty an gritty to the concrete

you better be greatest an latest or never spawn feat

I honesly like the honesty I want us to start a movement

so im attackin your dome to give us some home improvement

some people is lethal using rap to snap an devour the hood

with your new gift you better lift an use your power for good

some whack mc's love to frighten an spray

try freestyling infront of a crowd to enlighten a day.

an you better be lyrical for I eat you like cereal.

tired of mc's

you know I had to respond lol


im tired of these mc's that have this dependancy

on talking bout usless shit with a cash flow tendancy

with this expectancy they lack the track energy

I ain't fly I mentally soar above with verbal ascendancy

technically you ain't a mc so serving you is the remedy

I'll have your mind swerving to remmember me

because dude im crude colder then december be

at the same time spitting fire call my tongue the ember key

stop trying to top lucipher

your only a phony lookin stupider

actin like your a figure bigger then jupiter

so if you biting like Dracula im flipping you like a spatula

quit talking shit makin like you satan well im waitin

to physically start infiltratin tearin you apart

lyrically bearin through the heart amputatin

and im to clever so I can sever without a dictionary

verbally quick to bury sick an scary like Vick I tare the

competition the common missin no opposition

your act ain't fact just a flop thats dissin

like Pun ima shatter your dream scatter your team

batter your scheme tatter your cream

make your girl twirl chatter then scream

im badder supreme I don't fight fair

im lacin like Jason in your nightmare

words spacin amazin given you a blight flare...

Happiness in a relationship

It was like a minute ago when both of us were in it an slow

the conversation started when you heard the phone ring

in our talk their was a lot of frontin an blowin

hard to talk when you don't know were somethin is goin

I slowly said with some persistance holding some resistance

alright whatever follow your endeavor ima give you distance

and all of this sense and all of this patience got me in complications

twisted in stations now I don't get it what the fuck are our relations?

frustrations are what I feel a little bit of sympathy

I understand, but you best not give me no misery

I hold my homies up like boulders on my back

an if needed will rep my set like soldiers in Iraq,

but now somehow it's like my shoulders bout to crack

so somebody tell me what the hell is goin on here?

cuz im wounded from fire an a smell full of spawn fear

there have been many soldiers and friends that died in history

all cuz of miscommunication mystery im lookin at empirically

so with all this social pressure ammo tell me am I dam slow?

cuz I swear I could help just tell me where the hell I am bro

like a sculpture frozen in your path tryin to help an I won't scoot

homie listen up closely we both know you know me just don't shoot!

Im gone go ahead and do your own thing behave barred

but I promise you when called upon im comin back from the graveyard.

This is...

this is for the rapper who's

globally grown

locally blown

socially thrown

nowadays mc's notablly stone

so I portably phone

their calls when I vocally tone

making sure im quotably known

having no mistakes I closely clone

the provably prone

sometimes it's like his dealing is dust

reeling the rust

stealing he must

start healing the just

its all appealing to bust

when he's concealing disgust

grounded, but his only fans on the ceiling robust

wants to start kneeling combust

but he needs to start revealing the trust

all inside rocket writing unveiling a thrust

inner spinner thoughts squealing to gust

all an addiction feeling of lust

it's like im sealing this crust


from thoughts confiscated


on ideas compensated

really im discombobulated

and this is my intent

to organize in an instant

get in a Van go! like Vincent

like i've been sent

for incent

mind leaving spaces like indent

down came the rain an in went

when spent

my mental facility

has omnipotent capability

really we see stoppings an impossibility

keep going

even when I sleep knowing

at night I see the sheep showing

these words leap mowing

they sweep slowing

this crowing

of deep flowing

growing inside me like a poisen IV

even when my minds to cold to call

heart warm words an im not bold at all

I still dash

with this ill rash

I wake

with more letters to make

cursed ones forake

positive is what I gotta give an take

forever lively

publicly or in privacy

I write down a symbol

thats nimble

on an instrumental with a cymbal

B-I-G rhymes the size of a thimble

even when im forgotten

or infect my core rotten

my goal will still be unobtainable

flammable unrestrainable




cuz rapping to me is unexplainable...


Sometimes I feel like I don't know what im doing

times passing an my mind's brewing

nothing no inspiration

doubt takes over an I start instigation

like is rap what im supposed to do?


you know deep down im imposed to spew

lyrically the worst raid

tenaciously killing rappers from the first grade

so loco I can switch my verbal mode an go slow

given you screen images like "Upload a photo"

phat mc's can go eat a ho ho so know

my skills gifted like Santa Clause ha ha! no! hoe hoe hoe

my words been fast since! I had a tense past, but thats past tense

an if you don't know then know im really the

crude dude with verbal paraphernalia

not an Earhart, but got air heart flyer then Amelia!

(that last line is dedicated to Aviation students out their lol)
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Looking 4 fame?

Im lookin 4 fame, but subtract this none sense

it's been on since the regular roof rap renaissances

came to play my mind is a flame I spray

my words like bullets before they I. D. us

in the hood were no 1 good has Ideas

I get head shots thats the way I see cuz

in a world were the vex pray on verbal x-ray

some say the rap underground is just a hex hey

I know it's not so easy like superman can't see me

come on start using lip to fight! forget the chriptonite!

I know some stop with no hop just getting hip tonight

up and down the city streets like bricks

an these dicks shoot to flow game all for kicks

,but they'll get caught with sticks like twix up in the mix

yea my name is Vlad an im one of them tight speakers

ain't spotless, but put my foot down like white sneakers

my crew's not no fight seekers

but make you hold your chest like wife beaters

a trife meters on how hard their willing to work

so their shirt gets dirty when their feeling a jerk

an they see the message is stop dealing to lurk

therefore I spit heavy levy bars like a warden

end the shot square court on the spot like im Jordan!

facebook rap

I wrote a rap not about you so don't get offended not that you do anyways lol.

check it,

welcome to the rap industry where im synonymous

with anonymous your my dog...but im a rhinocerous

ok lets get serious here my words been wiz quote

I'll move you to the right out like your "in this note"

words I bag lethal...

this kid got no guns, but still I tag people!

fast like sonics with ebonics underground demonics

astronomics mc? you comics I don't spit I vomit

no rocks, but a comet voice electronics you got shook like tectonics

you like phonix im like harmonic symphonics fly high with no chronic's

got burned out an I don't even blaze jerk

cuz this right here is all in a days work

a knit wit can get split looking like the red sea

verbally deadly readily steadily infront, but a head see?

combined like a medley taking; but making sure more stand

you've been told spawn I hold on like the mouse in your hand.

It starts

It starts...

it starts with a breath you steal

with the second you take

the way you make me feel

and then I wake

and when I wake I see you again

this cycle

this cycle starts to spin

next time I see you I say a word or two

start a conversation like "hey I heard of you"

a pause...

applause for the act we committed

now were talking look the minutes splitted

the minutes add to hours an time passes

yet your image bashes time slower then molasses

well I don't know whats next?

here's my number here's a text

how are you? how are we?

how is everybody?

how is life?

how are friends?

whats your strife?

the conversation never ends

my compensation never suspends

another boy comes in another mime clashes

your eye lashes

how am I supposed to react?

he don't exist! woah no oh no I don't see fact

next thing you say is my feelings be act

the boy? well I suppose im not gonna expose

however we hold a secret rivalry that you enclose

at school when you pass by the hall way

im thinking of you all day

you see what you did?

you see what you skid to this kid?

to rid myself of this lid

what do I bid? with feelings I’ve hid?

thoughts of you I store mass

look at all the time I just spent on your ass

this is what you get

without a sweat

your in debt

in everything I just bet

im losing myself to love songs I hear in regret

however what goes around comes around

and eventually the past numbs the sound

I go on as I see other lit hearts

I feel safe, but then again It starts...

I wrote this to let her know

I know she was like you better go

But, I wrote this to let her know

Your boy isn’t a dope mess im better though

So with my little story here we go

Listen chick my door’s open on any rainy day

Still standing here watching as the vainly play

Im still here girl were have you been B?

Im like “Wendy come on in it’s windy!”

She’s like: “Timmy!

a break can you give me!

stop tying me down I just wanna live free!”

I’m like “name what you want ima give it to you no bluffin”

She’s like “you don’t understand I don’t want nothin”

And you should know im still here as I readily wait

But time builds and not knowing I started to steadily hate

Now time’s passing frustration leads to no action

Suicide? do I really just want her for satisfaction?

Now this might make you laugh

Someone once said “we all want something we can’t have”

Well listen dear I don’t know if you know what hope is

But if I can’t have her well guess then im hopeless

I ain’t addicted or restricted; do you know what dope is?

Im not just a kid getting high or trying to smoke wiz

But a Pepsi addict who’s simply Coke less

Less difference in taste now wow she broke this

Guess during this time I know what brakes is

Like how could you brake this?

Recognizing I submitted I let her power pass

So now she’s just flipping around like an hour glass

And I could talk about this person forever yet,

You’d never guess this is dedicated to every female I’ve ever met……..


I am...

A contradiction

common fiction

while bombing diction

a left song

not knowing whats right like is theft wrong?

in this present im gifted

like lyrically mystically I can tell the truth linguistically

statistically physically been in hell more then the average

logistically optimistically if were talking realistically I can literarily

list this see euphemistically

stuck in this game easy to play though

you are what you wanna be your gonna see what I say so

sometimes in life dealing with problems I feel related in threat

I try to simplify an the more I try the more complicated they get

investigated I sweat

like why have I debated regret?

if the past is past! then forget what I stated an yet...

a little brittle side

stuck in the middle pride

gives me a disposition

to revision

my past decision

,but you know what? forget that inquisition.

just another rap

check it,

in time when my rhyme is on best

when honest people say "get in a contest!"

well maybe I guess...

,but if I got in that high mess

I'd be seen like a queen wearing a fly dress

don't wanna repeat and get into that "Highness"

give you a sign not nonsense be cautious

verbal vomit rocks like a comet making you nautious

getting burnt on a track like not knowing what Nas is?

Wait! you know Dorthy, but not who the Wizard of Oz is?

Thats like your a Monotheistic person while being godless

like working at company not knowing your bosses

like being a midget, but not seeing colossus

like tying shoes with no crosses

check it I wreck spit

Raps of prominence full of dominance or imminence

When it’s on an since your residence

Or precedence is bombing sense Im acting still calm an tense

Palming dense ignorant attacks you throw out

Verbally you never heard of me I can make you go shout,

Baring a scare, see stuff you’ve never seen

glaring at air, start tearing your hair, body frozen as I sever scene,

bench 210 physical Calamity, IQ to dispatch lyrical insanity

See it’s that so many care I can make a tragic fool cuss

Lyrically go anywhere like the Magic School Bus

locally real vocally feel globally till nobody exists

a human being doing the seeing in shoddy mists

it doesn’t add up maybe im slow to the math,

a biblical individual who never go through the wrath,

maybe cuz im crazy or just wanna show you the path…

poem from second grade...

I found this poem from 2nd grade...sike! lol

Check it,

life is crazy

shaped like clay see

I can verbally Rock a fella like Jay-z

Sock a fella, but hitten up ladies

this verbal super shooter flow stars

some wrappers got no bars

bringing the almond joy so fans can go nuts

I see holes through cops like doughnuts

but im new comparably M-Azing

not terribly hot, but ubearably blazing

I don't need a pistol or missle im ambitious

my homies will blow a whistle on these bitches

when we get suspicious lookin for women not fishes

in this sea your food we serve a dude like dishes

molesting childish rappers like this be micheal

tell those garbage mc's that we re-cycle

going to fast in relation Ships I demand brakes

Excuse Me girl touchin like hand shakes

I Connect girls like a text

Thehoa say's Sprint I can't tell so im like Next!

preverse an reverse like Nextell words a pretzel

complicated to make, but they don't flake their special

lyrically an of the top wiz an ace tweedle

none can top this not even the space needle

my words are slowly Building as I stack power

no lair for this night mare just the black tower

mind to clever to function

forever working construction

instruction is to prevent or repent destruction

forget seduction I need production

relentless i've spent bliss

looking at the past, my lifes a sentence

nothing will last, but a trifes repentance

these common senses sorrounded by consequences

no one confidences so were bounded by omnisciences.

where'd you go? rap

we made mistakes

me an you need brakes

I'll do whatever it takes

forget these fakes

all of their lakes

people try to drown you

they think your a clown too

people in my life are all far an small

circus? my lifes a fuckin carnival

listen im in a barn an yall!

are on the wrong horse

taking the wrong course

your looking shifty

when your not wit me

you think I didn't miss you?

I do

this is true


I Always wonder should I respond

or never contact you again in life when we bond

where'd you go?

I never loved to miss you so

deep in my head im little baring a boy

an I wish you were here sharing the joy

I don't understand

am I so bland?

when I see you sweat strands in my hand

I know that no ones use to me

and lifes not what it use to be

,but im still here changing like weather

guess the farther were apart the more were together...

The gift...bars

my verbal gift is to shift an lift swift

make it rain like a drift

I flow underground

dirty words pound discovering mud

on the ground covering blood

forget flow im just a hovering flood

fast lyrical blast your just sad though

im back on the attack like a shadow

you'll get slapped like a bad hoe

cut with a pencil

body to stencil

on the go express like transcontinental

my mental can be rough or gentle

full of frantic expression my stuff is dental

but gets me away from manic depression

this ain't no coincidental on the instrumental


I kick dum rhymes

like Duh

your overused like The

people retarded?

we started

hunting punchlines like The Departed

I tool fool for my verbal buzz saw

so listen nerd my word was law

insane raw

dude braces with a chainsaw

detain races leave you in plain awe

like you were godless

novice your odd wiz

I got you twisted like a knob is

two options: light or rob this

either way today your fired like your job is

serving mc's like old dishes

deep like gold fishes

got whole soul like I sold wishes

with one of the top line

I freeze the street like stop sign

feeding thirsty fans like I drop wine

you wanna? flop fine

16 bars? I'll drop 9

expand on mc's numerically

with dexterity

in a brainless hell zone

rhymes connect like a cell phone

fly bars like my mental cell flown

at the end words can all be spoken, but look

open a book

you'll find the queen choking the rook

forget punchlines ima leave you broken with hook

fast when i've been slow

I can get 2D like this window

not given a fuck in a care

im thinking outside leaving you stuck in this square.

Im gonna do something meaningful next time.

King of Sorrow bars

Im crying everyones tears

for years

i've stressed

how am I blessed?

when will someone have the guts to stare into whole eyes?

So finally I can stare back an say "they win whenever your soul dies"

And I ask you? Do you think I notably say this nervously?

answer is no I write poetry to show you I have soul purposely,

do you have a soul as me?

will anyone agree!?

And see this kitchen can get as hot as that lower furnace be

With a fever my burning hands sweat as I try to do everything ernestly

Why is it that with your eyes you can only be a listener!

can you be the one who will point me to an air conditioner?

don't you see if you have no plan

if in life's kitchen you have no fan,

especially when another's lies your conceiving it's true

You need yourself most when no ones believing in you

For a second in life if you stop you can hear it,

the lone sigh's of my own crys mixing in with your spirit,

Quickly my imagination gets hit by the consequences

which one should win? imagination or common senses?

People see me like this screen 2D understand they can't figure yet,

in life people light me up or throw me away im like a cigarette,

are you addicted? mentally restricted? not seeing your gifted?

a person must not be high enough if they wanna be lifted

same drama everyday driving on my ill fear

tell me why don't you leave now? why are you still here?

standing their with no approach like you don't know me,

yet this is proof that in reality you wanna know and study me closely,

will you contact me and go beyond?

or will you choose to not see me or even respond

whats the difference between you an I?

we can relate together if you too wanna come through an fly,

Materialistic some really can't see the wealth,

It's helping yourself before you ask help from someone else

Im never afraid to be quickly judged and left

I understand we all make mistakes I too committed theft,

people mix an blind, how the hell am I supposed to see you as an individual?

Sometimes I wanna be like everyone else forget being original,

Crying tears although nobody see's them because their invisible

every new day I build an obsession to wipe away transgression,

what wins aren't the sins, but simply I mention the question

I haven't accomplished everything yet, will their be no tommorow?

I don't know so sometimes I become the King of Sorrow...