Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've held my heart...

I’ve held my heart and now it’s in your hands

My broken wings can’t fly anymore

Right from the start I soar for more lands

But with you my journey has reached the shore

I’m just shadow you see in the mirror

Just a reflection you won’t care to explore

Now I don’t see you and I fear were

Getting closer though were both not sure

To me you can be nothing, but distraction

The satisfaction of an existing counterpart

I lock you out as an internal action

To make sure you don’t crush my heart

For many days

I explored the thought of you in many ways

However together for better if ever we last

I fear that you near will sever my past

All those expressions powered by my imagination

Might be proven devoured by exaggeration


Since for you so much I care for

I will keep myself distracted and bare chore

Truthfully I hold an image of you beautifully

I would never reach you and risk tearing it brutally

Everyday I make you more than you use to be

However, I tell myself I do this clueless

I think about you when I feel tired usually

Writing you inside these walls showing you to others uselessly

Your inner flow cools me when angry I can defeat steam

Hopefully one day I can catch you and we will meet in dream

Sadly though I can only think of you solely at home

For in the end I make you out to be only a poem…

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