Wednesday, November 30, 2011

poem from second grade...

I found this poem from 2nd grade...sike! lol

Check it,

life is crazy

shaped like clay see

I can verbally Rock a fella like Jay-z

Sock a fella, but hitten up ladies

this verbal super shooter flow stars

some wrappers got no bars

bringing the almond joy so fans can go nuts

I see holes through cops like doughnuts

but im new comparably M-Azing

not terribly hot, but ubearably blazing

I don't need a pistol or missle im ambitious

my homies will blow a whistle on these bitches

when we get suspicious lookin for women not fishes

in this sea your food we serve a dude like dishes

molesting childish rappers like this be micheal

tell those garbage mc's that we re-cycle

going to fast in relation Ships I demand brakes

Excuse Me girl touchin like hand shakes

I Connect girls like a text

Thehoa say's Sprint I can't tell so im like Next!

preverse an reverse like Nextell words a pretzel

complicated to make, but they don't flake their special

lyrically an of the top wiz an ace tweedle

none can top this not even the space needle

my words are slowly Building as I stack power

no lair for this night mare just the black tower

mind to clever to function

forever working construction

instruction is to prevent or repent destruction

forget seduction I need production

relentless i've spent bliss

looking at the past, my lifes a sentence

nothing will last, but a trifes repentance

these common senses sorrounded by consequences

no one confidences so were bounded by omnisciences.

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