Thursday, December 1, 2011


I thought that I found you

greeting dismay

that paradoxical mind intrigue's me

sneaking through day

im trying to hide from the ocean

seeking to stay

I fear I have to go

contemplation eating away

this fascination incantation

unexplainable unobtainable

how one moment we can live

we start to speak an give

each other such a change of glimpse

one moment your gone one moment your there

disappearing to the sky into the air

you think someone would care if you were to be here no more?

well I would an since I could you can leave here so soar

being your presence lets me ardor your done

because the more of you I get the farther I run

you got what you wanted

my mind you have haunted

an when seen quickly daunted

quiet emotions been taunted

its amazing how I see you in such fascination

that I took you through journeys in my imagination

we went many places and enjoyed many events

saw all of the awe that life daily presents

I see you through seconds and tomorrow will spry

I like you too much so this is my sorrow goodbye.

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