Thursday, December 1, 2011

life is nothing but a dream so wake up

life is nothing but a dream so wake up
dogs keep bitin looking like a fake pup
I break stuff just to get attention sometimes
not knowing why is how I live with tension in rhymes
I spit bars to escape an jump out the window
caught with no tape, my opponents have been slow
scared no brains an its like im made out of tin so
I follow the yellow brick road played like nintendo
distractions just pulling back all of my actions
with factions rulin the world silent with captions
the message gets blocked in your head im restless
come test this my lifes dwindling down with the reckless
but I use hexes an black magic through rap tactics
to get back at it an smack tragic fools that are half plastic
emotion is an ocean that blinds dreams an land
ima stop working hard an let go of the schemes at hand

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