Thursday, December 1, 2011

A way with words...

Often times I philosophize like a lot of guys
I optimize the present, but make my problems rocket science
Once I heard an acquaintance say this...
I don't know...anyone since I don't have the patience...
shoot...ima flying for May miss,
was the time I heard you say this...he has a way with words
well which way is...the one you speak of
I think we fall in all directions before we reach love
the three words that make boys men and the meek hug...
I don't know, what drives me death is what makes sleep rush
I have a lot on my plate, but nothing to eat
so I can't be stuck in defeat or I'll be chucked in the street
bluffing for beats, I'll do anything to make it out alive
I can't take this bout my pride
equals that of a kid, I'm always down to ride....

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