Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hip hop

I stare into the light looking for an answer
though I can't bare its bright I feel like a dancer
chained to the sight of my current condition
so at night I write to this beat, enduring hells kitchen

Trying find a place to switch the hands of time
trying to change my phenotype an my damn design
trying to stop my negative verdicts I'm judgmental
my heads a courtroom of problems its not coincidental

the same things I hate you for I'd probably do the same
guess I can't accept myself for getting through this pain
I'd be promiscuous too if it wasn't for my family
having me thinking deeply of them an humanity

though we are not the same...we are not equal
I never blame past mistakes on other people
I see myself and how every second is lethal
taking advantage of life knowing my time is feeble

I'm sorry for the promises and the twists and the turns
I know your lost in this...left in the mist an it burned
the consequence of ignorance an bliss no concerns
well what goes around comes around so this was just earned

not my business I heard...guess then ima witness that's hurt
this shit is absurd so I'll just paint pictures with words
guess anything is possible in this world when dick is concerned
fuck you chick I deserved someone without the sleazes deferred

should have been clean from the start
that was so mean and its hard
to forgive an forget but I'm not screamin my heart
lies with you though I'm stuck just to dream in the dark

An now you want somebody that's always done whats right
im not just anybody I had fun, but in light
so you can take your problems and live it out trife
but my friend said it best you can't turn a hoe into a housewife.

dedicated to hip hop

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