Thursday, December 1, 2011

I don't mistake love for what it outghta be

I don't mistake love for what it oughta be

a heroic journey run by odyssey

she said she wants to stay friends

well ever since then I'd play ends

quotes of complication run in my lime head

stop this confrontation before im dead

I had her right next to me one night blushing

sat there staring not moving a tight rushing

hit my train of thought with all this subconscious!

I looked straight at what was before me straight nonsense!

A girl that belonged to another man! held a blank expression

Like just us two in the universe I told her my frank impression


"before I start writing in this rhyme book I wanna look back at all the time took
me an this journal built a relationship I love hip hop, writing lets frustration slip
it makes me thankful as I lay an write, I love the hate an drama all day an night"

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