Thursday, December 1, 2011

poetry + a cookie = my poem

this is another one of my poem raps peace.

I write this with poetic convalescence
The worlds righteous medic essence
hemophilic bloody bastard with money plastered mind muddy pastured in the roots of time with demon wings screaming things lined a gleaming contusion a blind fiend in illusion defined its a seeming obtrusion second chances passed to slow dances of victories romances my cupid inclined to throw lances!
We are not the same a million in difference ink boils my vain insignificance what will drive me to pursue wildly my soul that quietly floats by hells boats an swells quotes of other torturous victims scorcher thus dictums
Can only face you if you conceal your eyes heartless beating the race through the feel of your lies depleting the cries of my mind that trace through
I don't spit my body’s liquidness confiscated the breath
So I rain down looking upon you the one that contemplated a death
this pretense a rumor you'd think im an emo with a sense of humor
a ride of trial by error here we go my minds now a dense consumer
of vision long and breached too short in strife to see a grudge
an angel in hell that reached a court of life who? you be the judge

inspired by Radio Head: Paranoid Android

I think this one is better.

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