Thursday, December 1, 2011

A breath of fresh Air


I need a breath of fresh air with the way life is going

I keep a straight face in this game no problems showing

A couple of days ago I stayed up all night

in the morning a friend asked me if I was alright

I looked up an smiled she was pretty, young an naive

so I said I was fine, but really I didn't want her to leave

after she left me I thought about the way that I act

leading her on about love, but really I play with the fact

that there all perfect each girl I meet an see in their own way

so I don't sweat it ima probably end up being alone hey

that's the way life goes we can't all be winning this race

or else no one would brag about first or second place

the ones who don't have love cannot comprehend

what it really is are there signals someone can send?

some kind of message that is simple an quick to see?

or maybe everyone with "love" is obsessed with trickery

everyone that doesn't have it they stare an there strung

while im here losing breath trying to put some air in my lung


I ain't afraid I'll tell you that I do get scared

but only times when it's dark and my visions impaired

an when I can't see strikes tellin you that I cared

that I actually thought what I brought an I shared

did something

but lets quit the fronting

I wrote this to put you in some since given significance

lifes hard for those of you that don't think you make a difference

It amazes me at the sametime how others can be full of innocence

Living care free lives without the slightest hint of deliverence

I don't know yall it feels like something is missin

Like im at my house an just left the lights on in the kitchen

or a narcoleptic that forgot to take his prerscription

Or an Armenian with history lost like I was Egyptian

the sands of time awaiting me to make out my depiction

of this life I live full of habit everyday an addiction

trying to break this circle this cycle that I've been in

sorrounded by sinnin spinnin losing an winnin

people start falling so I pick em up an start believing

that maybe they need some of the oxygen im breathing

Last verse yo,

cell in a system can be so worthless

Missing the signal like my bars went out of service

feels like its night an im on a flight where the pilots dead

trying to find my mind im looking back at his righteous head

I grab the controls my brain rolls I see the other riders red

suddenly a little girl starts reminding me what the driver said

"you better start steering back to the way your were found"

stuck in a layer muck in the air I quickly see the ground

sound my heart pumps pound! I burn an turn the plane around

bound to the sky I fly witch ascension in another plain

mound in sense been dense these feelings I discover slain

All this time every second I've been holding my breath

they were all alive, while scared of love I was trapped by death

everyone else had air while I crashed on Earth the last one left

I gave em all what they wanted, but it was really all theft

because no one pushes you to succeed or acheive

but you have the power to fly as long as you breathe

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