Thursday, December 1, 2011

16 bars a day 3 topic: friends

don't feel like writing bars today...but lets do it...

Billy was a kid that got beat up in school
He wanted to relax put his feet up act cool
deemed class brat his classmates said he wasn't a class act
and if they saw him get praised he'd get smashed flat
so straight A's were a phase he'd move past fast
just cuz he wanted to fit in an not be laughed at
he'd make them acknowledge him he said that's that!
studied kids that got play tryin to be as fat
kept a journal of it all in his back pack...
He learned that good grades were for people called dorks
an what should make him be equal was force
got a punching bag to be lethal in sports
cuz brute strengths better than brains, which is feeble of course
so here comes the part where we see some remorse
Billy found friend named Jimmy and Jimmy said to billy
you don't wanna miss out of my lifestyle really
blow this ish now everything will be nice now billy
just get iced out and the girls will be like wow illy
then billy met kitty a kiddy he thought was pretty
she was skinny an freely did whatever he wanted until she
asked him to make the relationship long term
he thought he was on the road of success now watch everything take the wrong turn...

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