Thursday, December 1, 2011

lets go!

always working my strength quitting is like flirting with death
learning to prep my best while others are lurking in debt
earning my rep I'm spittin till flippin an hurtin my breath
like Hercules "I can go the distance" never concerning the length
but if size matters then i'ma goliath on an ant hill
moving people while makin battles a stand still
I am ill write my diagnosis share wit my clan stilll
I happen whena MC hammer gets hit witha anvil
call me dirt as I work completin the world like a landfill
your more of a mouse than Mickey im the boss like Mantel
man tell ya team they can't touch me im sucha kicker an
snickerin cuz I rip an kick it so hard your fires flickerin
ya bickerin? i'm quicker an sicker kill men for stickers friend
I love to torture a opponent with disownment so pick an end
even if your oprah your mistaken to Winfrey
cuz even if I lose dude im taken you with me

lol just messin

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