Thursday, December 1, 2011

I wrote this to show you

I wrote this to show you

my mind rapping an what I go through

when I don't know who

turns red, when im so blue

no time for love im thinking bout the future

already had my heart torn sown up with the suture

to chill with me you'll need a mind as sharp as a diamond

then maybe then we can chill, but you'll still only be my friend

but lets make this crystal clear my dear

if you ain't here then ima disappear like fly gear

an that's why lady luck has given me a curse

scribbling outside the lines to get away I'll free a verse

sometimes I write to canalize a problem daily

I see them all at night will I solve em? maybe

an when I wanna collapse

or feeling like ima prolapse

I stop time an just flow raps

mind peaceful an free so laps

on the track are not needed

words on the spot pleaded

rapping about rape filthy or not filthy

rapping about guilt, guilty or not guilty?

for fuckin up this game not tryn to spill the

hidden truth like the FBI involved with Walt Disney

you can't touch me like you get the paper an cut

my territory purgatory stuck in a caper an rut

trying to win life's prize forget the consolation

I'll take world twirled by all this condensation

shining like the constellation through this concentration

I'll lose my mind in compensation for hip hops congregation.

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