Thursday, December 1, 2011

feeling blank

Whats left? whats left...a common smile provoked by my action

Attention an laughter silently stolen and haunted by satisfaction

grind down, grind down on me

stare at the gray sky

today I

solemnly stole your courage playing through fray lie

lay down and ask you to agree

from a gray sky

how frustrating must your vision be?

listen we

should really split up quick an leave

forget tears I don't wanna be sick to grieve

your minds slow we know your just another hoe in the row

never thought girls could get this low with the flow

hating on me how am I not a rapper?

well tell me when before or after?

It doesn't matter fact

im leaving ghost like a cataract

hit Alice in wonderland witha mad hatter act

in life you hear the batter pact

guys see the pitch is to seize riches

got 3rd base glitches with these bitches

no lead equals no pencils claiming you hard

I don't have a point my aiming is barred

for starters I don't stab people I ghostly kill

through words of deception I mostly will

kill aspirin poisoned girls an roast the pill

frying brain cells I won't boast the skill

I ain't Ill im just depressed

sometimes I be stressed

from thoughts repressed

she played the game an shoulda reguessed

Im a human twister

an my minds a bruising blister

my lifes theme is a dream

through a scream an scheme

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