Thursday, December 1, 2011


1////asdfasfadskljf;ljs lets go

too ill for the mainstream cuz I've been purified
easy from here to Fiji I free the people who denied
the true ones tied of thoughts that ride waves of suicide
flow like water in ice cold blood streams you have died

too hot for the summer I make em set down under
ima smooth talker a true walker you a loud runner
a crowd hunter, see I don't need any to take notice
I stay focused like one of gods suns an shake oceans

my styles melodic I use it to move tectonics with phonics
platinum gold or onyx im about the Earth its ironic
the electronic amps that are bumpin in my system
are part of the damp human soul where abyss stems

in this lens as wind blows an people bend those
suspenseful seconds of lovely life I mend woes
a rotten trend shows that people have forgotten nature
sadly turning H2O into common vapor

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