Thursday, December 1, 2011

grinded it out

check it before spring quarter starts so here we go lol just gonna write down some bs an have some fun,

I got lyrics an rhymes

taken by spirits sometimes

but no ghost writer

your a fake supposed fighter

but you can't stop me

Im like Ali leaving you Rocky

best respect with no altercation

cuz im holy your at the altar hatin

haters are about to falter waitin

run this rap game like Walter Payton

handling booths like im a porter in flounce

it's spring quarter, but I ain't got a quarter to bounce

im as broke as a joke

need money to make

so I provoke many folk

for that honey an cake

confused don't know how to start making the cash

so im dumpster diving now poor so im taking the trash

yes this is the mind set of a blind rapper

who is secretly an undercover bind actor

maybe I could set a day

an we could all get away

from the problems that make us shake in the acts

of never trusting, just busting not facing the facts

taking a step maybe the wrong be cautious

but take it anyways an don't be obnoxious

maybe there's a god, but he lost us

quit because of the tiring losses

lol I can be kinda depressing

pressing different thoughts im repressing

messing with the blessing of freedom

expressing an stressing dope till you plea dum...

grinded it out......

check it,

Vlad's back an fresh on the scene

dope like crack an meth on the screen

I don't know whats fresh to death an I mean

180 im back after a breath like your spleen

I shoulder the greatest its assassination

come check out the latest application

I flow with a spell in mass salvation

Jesus im nice like Christ with collaboration

yup rap fast with high pace

outside the computer box in myspace

never on track cuz I race

run the track with shoes with fly lace

blah blah blah man im runnin out of shit to say lol need some inspiration.

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